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A robust, defensible valuation can aid in qualifying business assets and delivering the meaningful analysis you need in a business transaction or consolidation.

When your business transacts or consolidates, it must be valued, by law. But, the tangible benefit for you – alongside legislative compliance – is the valuation’s seamless integration into your Fixed Asset Register (FAR). This enables you to see the valuation through the lens of your own business data, offering insights into the impact of the transaction or consolidation. Laser focused on plant and equipment valuations, a Main valuation for accounting and tax purposes is all about meeting your compliance obligations while resetting your depreciation calculations.

Truth - more precisely, an accurate understanding of reality - is the essential foundation for producing good outcomes



Specific valuation methodologies are required by the regulatory bodies: International Valuations Standards Council (IVSC) and Australian Property Institute (API). We work within these institutions guidelines to provide you with a valuation that is compliant with accounting standards (AASB & IFIRS). A high fidelity valuation means that you can confidently input your valuation outcomes into stamp duty calculations which, in turn, inputs into depreciation calculations. While these insights are highly valuable, the most important outcome of a defensible valuation is the shield it provides your business from unwanted scrutiny.

existing FAR’s

A valuation from Main Valuation can push-back or allocate results into your existing Fixed Asset Register (FAR). This means that we’re successfully aligning the values of your plant and equipment assets with your existing FAR entries – allocated by location and asset type. This kind of data integration can then be uploaded into your Enterprise Resource Programs (ERP’s), resulting in meaningful and useable outcomes.

and ERP’s

Accounting ERP’s are ubiquitous; however, they can only perform as well as their data input (GIGO). This is where a valuation from Main Valuation can increase the useability of your ERP’s. With reliable plant and equipment valuation data that we don’t simply provide you in a separate PDF, rather integrate it into your financial systems, we are giving you a tangible outcome. A valuation that works within your internal systems.

He who lives by the crystal ball will eat shattered glass.

Book a 15 minute obligation free consultation with a Certified Practicing Valuer