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We work with several building valuation specialists, which we can recommend depending on your specific requirements. Feel free to call us for a conversation around building valuations.

For the most part, valuation fees are a function of time and travel costs. As these vary from valuation to valuation it may be best to call us for an informal conversation. That being said, a valuation fee could be as little as $1,000.



In times of complex negotiations, accounting and tax valuations can orient discussions and provide financial clarity. Accounting and tax guidance are embedded into our valuation models to ensure regulatory compliance; an evidence-based approach that you and your trusted advisors can rely on.


An insurance valuation is a powerful tool that allows accurate reporting of sums insured, provides balance sheet protection, and removes the risk of underinsurance by transferring responsibility to the valuation firm. A robust insurance strategy begins with certainty around your asset declaration and, with Main Valuation in your corner, you can enable your broker to attain better outcomes for your business.



Navigating personal assets and equipment requires a tactful approach. With equitable outcomes as our compass, we provide evidenced values with palatable schedules and valuation reports. Including business assets, equipment, vehicles, and personal assets; our work is focused on guiding you towards a fair resolution.

Lending and Leasing Valuations

An accurate plant and equipment valuation can inform bankers and facilitate funding. With a Main valuation, you can unlock the correct capital structure; enabling you and your associates to optimise the capital structure of the business. Evidenced based valuations tether independent market information to business position and outcome; a process that alleviates banker concerns and generates swift funding.


Book a 15 minute obligation free consultation with a Certified Practicing Valuer